Teddy at the opera

Teddy and Goat were at the Opera.
Teddy had trouble following the story
So goat gave her some tips.
“The song
Is like a sneeze
It tells you something is wrong
It’s a tease.”
Teddy thought she understood
But still found the rhythm troubling.

I-Spy Teddy

Teddy was driving with Goat.
Goat was playing I-Spy with Eel.
This was made difficult by Eels insistence
That Goat play in shorts.
“That’s not really fair” said Teddy to Goat
After all, you know all the answers.

Teddy’s career

Teddy wanted to be a pilot
But in planes he was sick a lot
Especially after Apple Charlotte
So he decided it was not
A good career path.

Instead he would be a crooner
Then all the koalas would swoon a
Lot and throw their bloomers
And he would get to sing a tune a
Bit like Kiri Te Kanawa.